Do not forget to inform your tenants / guests about the fire risks.



Before the season :



  • Keep clear scrub within 75m radius of all buildings and pool


  • Thin out and trim trees to maintain 3m distance betweem them and also buildings


  • Cut away branches lower than 2,5m


  • Clean out gutters, roof and ditches


  • Test all motor driven waterpumps and check fuel supply




In the event of a fire :



  • Except if told by the authorities to evacuate, do not leave the house, where you are safe


  • Do not set off by road in an attempt to escape the fire!!


  • Once the aerial water bombers are deployed the electricity supply will be cut off


  • Open all gates to the house to allow fire brigade access


  • Close all doors and shutters


  • Park cars inside or near a wall away from the wind


  • Take all gas bottles (and other incendairy items) inside


  • Take your pets inside and keep them away from smoke


  • Take waterpumps and hoses inside. They will be useful to put out little pockets of fire after the fire has passed


  • If smoke comes in the house block it out with wet towels


  • If the fire goes over the house you will hear a violent noise for a few minutes. When this noise fades, carefully go outside to put out any pockets of fire left. Be careful if the wind changes direction and the fire comes back again.


  • After the fire has passed inform family, neighbours, landlords.... that you are ok



* * *


The fire brigade may use the water from the pool to put out the fire





In the event of being evacuated by the authorities :



  • Prepare yourselves for evacuation by collecting together items for an emergency kit

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